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Cross Country 2014

18th January 2014

On the last 18 january 2014, Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim organised a cross country event.the opening ceremony was grace by the school principal,Tuan Haji Abu Seman bin Sareh Md Isa.

fashion, model, photography

Sambutan Maulidur Rasul 1435H

14th January 2014

The monthn of Rabi’al-Awwal (the first Spring season ) of the Islamic calendar is well-known in the entire Muslim world as The Month of Birth of The Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h

Perutusan Pengetua

6th September 2013

" Jadikanlah kerja kita seronok,

maka kita akan seronok bekerja"

"Bersama kita merealisasikan

transformasi pendidikan negara"

Our Pride



Establishment of High School Sultan Abdul Halim in line with the need to meet the Malay developments in education in Malaysia after independence.

In 1958 a Malay-medium secondary degree has opened at the College of the Sultan Abdul Halim , Alor Setar with enrollment of 31 people . The number of students has increased to 791 people in 1963 . At this stage , there is a need to establish a special school to house students of Malay .

History begins when the flow of students studying at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College , Alor Setar absorbed into secondary school students of Sultan Abdul Halim ( SMSAH ) .